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Core Team

The Ten team previously built Corda, the world’s most successful enterprise blockchain. Leading the way in institutional adoption, real-world asset tokenization, payments and CBDC .

James Carlyle

Previously Chief Engineer of R3, James co-designed Corda and sat on R3's Executive committee. Prior to R3, James was the Chief Engineer for Barclays Corporate Banking. A serial entrepreneur, holding multiple patents, James has been obsessed with blockchain technology since 2014 and was at the first-ever Ethereum meetup.

Gavin Thomas

Formerly R3's Engineering COO, Gavin built the engineering function at R3 from scratch, leading to the delivery of Corda. Prior to R3, Gavin built the multi-award-winning platform Fusion, for the world’s largest dealer-broker, TP ICAP, taking it from inception to a world-first in the space. Gavin's first involvement with blockchain was back in 2015.

Tudor Malene

Formerly lead engineer for R3 Corda, Tudor built critical components of the platform, and as a solutions architect, led the delivery for some of the most influential Corda projects. Tudor has over 20 years of professional experience, including a background in developing encryption solutions for the military. Tudor discovered blockchain in 2011 and developed novel mining techniques.

Cais Manai

Formerly Product Lead for Digital Assets, Payments and CBDC at R3, Cais has worked with the world’s largest banks and financial institutions to develop blockchain products. Prior to R3, he spent 10 years in Investment Banking, leading global teams in Prime Brokerage and Equity Derivatives Trading Technology at UBS and Credit Suisse. He first began developing with blockchain in 2012, building a global gaming platform based on Bitcoin.

Moray Grieve

As R3's Head of QA, Moray helped build the test automation and processes for Corda. Before R3, he was a Research PhD Physicist in Cambridge and Antarctica, spent 10 years with leading event stream processing engine Apama, and 6 years in investment banking. More recently, he built the world's largest audio database for the machine learning of sounds and delivered a novel geospatial database. He first discovered blockchain in 2017.

Stefan Iliev

In the four years of designing and building blockchain solutions for the finance industry at R3, first as a blockchain engineer then R&D Engineer in the Office of CTO, Stefan has seen first hand how encryption is the key to bringing blockchain to the mainstream. Stefan's passion for cryptocurrencies dates back to the early days when Ethereum was barely above a dollar.

Will Hester

Over 10 years programming experience with a focus on full-stack development and specialised expertise in blockchain technology. Will served as Head of Engineering at Fluent Finance, leading the development of the US+ public stablecoin infrastructure plus 3 years at R3 within the Office of the CTO.

Matt Curtis

Matt has over 10 years of experience designing and developing trading systems at Goldman Sachs, IG Group and Tyler Capital. He holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Warwick and is super bullish on on-chain gaming and the good that blockchain technology can deliver for humanity.

Jobin Ayathil

With years of evangelizing and advocating blockchain with thousands of developers. Jobin founded 5 developer communities, including with Google, shared his tech knowledge since his university days, and given 50+ technical talks worldwide. Passionate about empowering people to build tech, Jobin graduated in Computer Science & Engineering from Providence College of Engineering, India.

Jennifer Echenim

Supremely passionate about building accessible, user-friendly, scalable web applications. Jennifer previously led the engineering team at Bloccpay and has worked with Tangerine Africa. Jennifer is committed to building communities and promoting diversity in the tech industry, and spends her free time spearheading community and technical development at Web3Afrika and Web3Ladies.

Bhavya Bakhda

Having previously provided the world’s top investors with primary research supplementing their fundamental analysis, Bhavya transitioned into growing engaged TradFi communities of $1bn-100bn AUM investors. Graduating with an Accounting and Finance degree from Durham University, Bhavya's passion for blockchain started in 2017.

Žiga Kokelj

Žiga Kokelj, with a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Ljubljana, has spent over four years working in the world of blockchain. He's worked with projects like a layer 1 blockchain protocol, a mobile wallet, and Bitpanda, one of the biggest crypto exchanges in Europe. His experience and knowledge have made him a standout in the field of programming and blockchain.


Oswy has been in Web3 since 2017, working with different communities since then. For the last 2 years Oswy has been a local community lead in the interoperability protocol and completed an associate degree in marketing at a top-10 Russian university. Oswy holds a Masters degree in economics. Self-taught programmer. Problem solver by nature.

Anthony Nixon

Anthony helped build a 3-tier tokenized deposits platform for fiat bridging between core-bank, private DLTs, and DeFi markets. A former R3 engineer with a penchant for impact projects, he worked on contract driven order-matching for bonds and created Corda Vault-Listener. Anthony enjoys speaking and has delivered training at Mastercard, NASDAQ, and SDX.


Sminempepe is an Electrical and Electronic Engineering student deeply immersed in the blockchain and Web3 since 2019. Specializing in community management and operations, he has been a pivotal contributor to various DAOs and protocols. He wholeheartedly advocates for blockchain technology and has devoted himself to its success.

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